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Technology consulting with focus on Data, Business Intelligence and CRM Marketing.

We are multitasking and multi-areas professionals. As principle we identify and

solve problems in a fast, transparent and organized way.

BI Consulting - Business Intelligence

  • Data analysis

  • Analytical Reports

  • Strategic Decisions

Project Consulting

  • Implementation of corporate projects with solutions for CRM and other market platforms.

  • Analysis, planning and strategy

  • Definition of objectives, metrics, results indicators and management of the whole process

Allocation and Selection of IT Professionals

  • Scientific selection process

  • Specialists in the market

  • Focusing on you to take care of your core bussiness

Business Intelligence Solutions

  • Requirements Survey

  • Data Modeling

  • Tool Definition

  • Tool Deployment and Training

Website Creation and Digital Marketing

  • Needs assessment

  • Creating and defining layout

  • Programming and SEO

  • Disclosure and Digital Media

Servers ando Networks

  • Implementation and Maintenance

  • Technical support

  • Remote and on-site Administration


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vfantinati | Consultoria em tecnologia com foco em Dados, Business Intelligence e Marketing CRM. Nosso princípio é identificar e solucionar os problemas de uma forma rápida, transparente e organizada.
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